Moving along.....

Wow, apologies, it’s been a while since my last blog! The last 3 months have been so hectic with work as well as finishing my final unit of coursework. But now that is finally done - yay!! I can now take a breath and relax for a bit before getting back into the study. Spending time with my family, walking my dogs and reading are my priority this week!

For those who are unfamiliar with the process of achieving certification through the Behavioural Analysts Certification Board (BACB), these are the eligibility requirements one needs to achieve for pursuing certification:

  1. A Masters degree in an acceptable field of study (e.g. behaviour analysis, psychology, education)

  2. Completed ABA coursework through a qualified institution

  3. Applicants must complete 1500 practical experience hours under the supervision of a BCBA supervisor

  4. Take and pass the BCBA examination

Up to this point, I have ticked the first and second steps and have progressed to 80% of the third step. So, I'm moving along. It’s a long and rigorous process but one that is necessary to maintain a high standard of service in order to provide our clients and their families the services and support they require to achieve socially successful outcomes! It's all worth it!!

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