• The role of your Behavior Analyst is to assess and design a support plan that meets your needs, and that of your child. Our role is to provide ongoing supervision and support, adjusting as we go, and making sure we're on the right track. We believe every child has a right to find joy in their day, and learn how to navigate their world in a way that matters to them.

  • To get started,  we offer a one-hour intake meeting to discuss your child's needs and how we can help.

  • Services begin with an assessment, which involves you and your child.

  • A parent debriefing meeting is set up following assessment, in which we will discuss the next steps. Support plans are individualised, based on assessment results and your priorities. We discuss setting up a team, training and other implementation considerations.​​



(In-person or remote)

  • Parent/carer participation is important to us and is integral to any intervention program. Parent/carers who are actively involved with their child's intervention plan often see more progress resulting in better outcomes for the child.

  • The goal of parent/carer coaching is to identify strategies that can be used effectively in the natural environment. Whether we are supplementing a home-based program or focusing solely on parent coaching, our goal is to increase learning opportunities throughout the day

  • Prior to implementing any program, we ensure what works for your family and that you are comfortable with implementation. 

  • Parent coaching may include learning more about what we do, and how you can also use principles of learning to teach your child at home. We can help you manage those challenging moments in your day using an ACT-inspired approach (Acceptance and Commitment Training), and give you the tools you need to teach your child new skills. We'll work with you to support your child, meeting them where they are at and focusing on what brings them joy.

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  • The transition into the school environment can be difficult to navigate for parents of children with disabilities.

  • We provide consultation on school readiness and transitions.

  • Many parents may not know the processes involved or how to advocate for their child with regards to support.

  • Changes or adjustments may be needed to help a child participate on the same basis as other students

  • We provide parent workshops and professional development training to schools and community organisations

  • Topics include Reinforcement; Understanding Challenging Behaviour (Rubi Parent Training); Using ABA in Schools; Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACTraining); PreSchool Life Skills Curriculum (Hanley, 2014); Practical Functional Assessment (IISCA) & the Skill-Based Treatment process, Classroom Management.

  • We can also customise a workshop to your organisation's individual needs

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