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Brighter Outcomes is a Brisbane based child behaviour intervention service providing support for children and their families aged from 4 to 12 years using evidenced-based practices.

How We Can Help


Providing behavioural intervention for Autistic children and their families. An early intervention approach aims to provide evidence-based specialised support for the development of skills including social, communication,  cognitive, self care. Our role is to empower children to reach brighter and more socially meaningful outcomes using evidence-based practices to support communication and learning.

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Parent and carer participation is important to us and is integral to any intervention program. This service is provided either in-home or remotely. Our goal is to identify strategies tailored to the individual needs of the family ensuring they can be used effectively in the natural environment.

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We provide consultation and collaboration on school readiness for parents and carers with Autistic children and other developmental disabilities. Many parents and carers may not be familiar with the processes involved or how to advocate for their child in the school environment. Ours is a collaborative approach with all stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes for your child.

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Providing parent workshops and professional development training to schools and community organisations. We also offer customised workshops to suit organisations individual needs. Topics include: Understanding Concerning Behaviours, Positive Behaviour Support, Classroom Behaviour Management and Acceptance & Commitment Training (ACT).

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Our Mission

Working Together

We are passionate about creating positive change for our clients using evidence-based practices, focusing on the individual needs of the child. We encourage and promote cooperative relationships among schools, agencies and other professionals involved in the lives of our clients and their families. Our mission is to provide individualised services that are family-focused and developmentally appropriate, with an emphasis on providing a learning environment where a child feels comfortable and supported.