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(In-person or remote)

Parenting isn't easy! Remember - no one is an expert and no one does it perfectly.
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Parent/carer participation is important to us and is integral to any support program. Parent/carers who are actively involved with their child's support plan often see more progress resulting in better outcomes for the child.
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The goal of parent/carer coaching is to identify strategies that can be used effectively in the natural environment. .
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Parent coaching is based on a values consistent framework using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). 
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Developing new behaviours as a parent is really hard. Our coaching is not about shaming parents, it is about assisting them to recognise and normalise feelings, and to identify what is meaningful to them as a parent and in their relationship with their child.
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Prior to implementing any program, we ensure what works for your family and that you are comfortable with implementation. 
Parent coaching may include learning more about what we do, and how you can also use principles of learning to teach your child at home. We can help you manage those challenging moments in your day using an ACT-inspired approach (Acceptance and Commitment Training), and give you the tools you need to teach your child new skills. We'll work with you to support your child, meeting them where they are at and focusing on what brings them joy.
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