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Behaviour Support

The role of your Behavior Analyst is to assess and design a support plan that meets your needs, and that of your child.
Our role is to provide ongoing supervision and support, adjusting as we go, and making sure we're on the right track. We believe every child has a right to find joy in their day, and learn how to navigate their world in a way that matters to them.
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Getting Started

To get started,  we offer a one-hour intake meeting to discuss your child's needs and how we can help.

Services begin with an assessment, which involves you and your child. This ensures that the most appropriate approach is effective, ethical, and tailored to each person's needs.

A parent debriefing meeting is set up following the assessment, in which we will discuss the next steps. Support plans are individualised based on assessment results and your priorities. We discuss setting up a team, training and other implementation considerations.​​

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Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) 

At Brighter Outcomes, we only utilize evidence-based practices to assess, understand and modify behaviours that might be causing distress and hindering a child's personal growth.  Our approach is also informed by the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Capability Framework. PBS is a research-based approach to increase quality of life and decrease behaviours of concern by teaching new skills and changing the person's environment. It's designed to understand why certain behaviours occur and help build on the person's strengths and abilities.  

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